2019 – The Titular Trip

Since it’s now time to plan (and hopefully embark on) a new long-distance project, I’m shifting the 2019 blog entries onto their own pages, which will be linked from here.

Packed Up and Ready to Roll

Failure to Launch (on time)

And We’re Off!

Welcome to Minden, Nevada

Good Morning, Minden

Jeff and Julie Falls, Idaho

He’s Comin’ Right For Us!

Day 3 Photos (Twin Falls to Yellowstone)

Jeff Gets Lit (Up)

We Done Went (to the Sun)

Going to the Sun Road Video

Day 5 Photos (Helena to Whitefish)

We’re In Canada, Eh.

Bring Out the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch!

A Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Day. Okay, okay. It Was A Meh Day, At Least…

Remember When I Said “At Least It Wasn’t Cold”?

Produce the Moose! Prodooooooooose the Moooooooose!

A Wild Moose Appeared!

Dawson Redux

Brokeback Highway…?

It’s A Teddy Bears’ Picnic!

Onward and Southward!

The End of the Road