The Bike

As of May, I am riding a new machine for my adventures. The new bike is a 2022 BMW R1250GSA in the 40th Anniversary livery. It’s mostly stock, with the addition of my RDL saddle and the Clearwater gear cannibalized off the old GS. And some Bumot hard cases mounted on the stock racks.

Compensating for something? Why no. Why do you ask?

My former ride was a 2014 BMW R1200GS, outfitted as follows:

1. Bumot Hard Side Cases
2. MotoFizz Medium Tail Bag (2019 trip to Alaska)
3. MoskoMoto Nomad Tank Bag (2019 trip to Alaska)

1. Clearwater Darla Lights w/amber lens
2. Clearwater Krista Lights (2021 loop)
3. AltRider Engine Guards
4. AltRider Rad Guards
5. AltRider Light Guard
6. AltRider Pillion and Rear Racks
7. Russell DayLong Saddle
8. Puig Touring Shield and Chinese Knock-off Spoiler
9. Heidenau K60 Scout 50/50 tires (2019 trip to Alaska)
10. Michelin Pilot Road5Trails (2021 loop)

Right Side